Need Funds For Your Church? 4 Things You Can Do With A Commercial Loan

Religion donations have been experiencing a downward trend for approximately 30 years. The Christian Science Center explains that religious donations made up just 32% of all charitable gifts in 2014, a figure that has decreased by more than 20% since 1987. If your church’s donation figures are dropping or you fear they might soon, consider a commercial loan. Here are 4 ways your religious organization can use a commercial loan. Religious Staff The average senior pastor has an annual salary of $55,983. Depending on the size of your church and its desired outreach, you may also want to pay the Read More →

Storage Tips to Retain the Value of Your Rare & Collectable Coins

Collecting rare coins can be quite advantageous if you want a hobby that is both interesting and worth the monetary investment. In fact, you are likely to make back your full investment, and then some, if you decide to sell your coins. Coins can only retain their value if they remain in good condition, and this means storing them correctly. Keep reading to learn about some storage tips that will help to keep your coin collection safe. Opt For The Best Coin Holders Inexpensive Holders There are a wide variety of different holders that you can purchase to keep your coins Read More →

4 Types Of Old Video Game Products That Contain Gold

Video games are constantly changing. With upgraded consoles and innovative features, it’s common for people to set their old games aside and enjoy the newest options. Instead of letting old consoles collect dust, you can cash them in for real cash. Many people may choose to sell the items whole to other video game players, but you may actually be able to get more money for selling individual parts. A number of video game parts and accessories contain pieces of gold and gold plating. By discovering these items, you can sell them to gold buyers and make a profit. Browse Read More →