3 Great Reasons To Buy Scrap Gold

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More than any other precious metal, gold is seen as having intrinsic worth. Valued by hundreds of cultures over the span of thousands of years, gold continues to serve as the underlying foundation of many of the world's most important currencies. Today, you can buy gold in any number of forms, from physical bars to exchange-traded funds. Buying scrap gold, however, might be your best investment. Take a look below for just a few of the reasons why.

Taking Advantage of Variety 

When it comes to scrap gold, you have a virtually unlimited number of sources. Not only does this give you a larger pool of resources from which to draw, but it also allows you to specialize as a buyer. Some scrap gold buyers focus their attention on gold that is used in the manufacturing of jewelry, and may be left over in the form of beads, clasps, and wire. Other buyers might prefer to seek out gold-plated items. These can range from watch cases and rings to utensils and other kitchenware. Whatever your strategy is as a buyer, the variety of products that feature gold means a better chance for you to find a niche market.

Buying Low, Selling High

When you buy gold in the form of bullion or coins, you're almost certain to pay market price. Doing this means that you are also at the mercy of the market and its whims. The fluctuation in the price of gold may give you great opportunities to make a profit, but it may also trap you into holding on to your gold for long periods of time. Buying scrap gold, on the other hand, offers a kind of loophole. People selling scrap gold are usually willing to part with it for a price that is well below market value. This is beneficial for people who need immediate cash flow, but it also allows buyers to sell at market price and still make a tidy profit.

Refining Gold Conveniently

One of the reasons that gold buyers pay below market price is that they have to factor in the cost of refining the scrap gold before they can sell it. Luckily for buyers, this process has never been easier: simply collect your scrap gold and ship it to a local refinery that specializes in refining precious metals. Depending on the amount of gold you have in your possession, you may also be able to negotiate a discount before it is shipped back to you.

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15 September 2021

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