5 Ways To Get Textbooks When You're Almost Broke

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Few things fill a college student with dread like purchasing textbooks. After paying tuition, fees, room and board (or taking out a loan to do so), you still may be in for hundreds of dollars more in expenses for books. And if you're nearly broke, that may be out of the question. Here are five ways to get the books you need when your pockets are nearly empty. Use the money you save for your instant noodle stash instead.

1 October 2014

Cashing Out Your Annuity: Familiarizing With Lump Sum Payments And Their Benefits


Most of us will end up facing this dilemma sometime in our life: should we opt for getting monthly pension checks for life or a lump sum payment? 29% of Americans are fortunate enough to have company-funded pension plans. While getting a monthly cheque may seem tempting and a way to moderate how you may end up spending all of your money, you may actually be better off opting for lump sum payments.

27 August 2014