4 Types Of Old Video Game Products That Contain Gold

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Video games are constantly changing. With upgraded consoles and innovative features, it's common for people to set their old games aside and enjoy the newest options. Instead of letting old consoles collect dust, you can cash them in for real cash. Many people may choose to sell the items whole to other video game players, but you may actually be able to get more money for selling individual parts. A number of video game parts and accessories contain pieces of gold and gold plating. By discovering these items, you can sell them to gold buyers and make a profit. Browse through the following four video game items to see if you own any of these valuables.

Wired Controllers

A majority of today's video game consoles rely on wireless controllers for ease of use and portability. The classic wired controller may have been limiting and cumbersome, but they can contain small pieces of gold that are worth selling. The wiring itself may have gold plating or covering. These gold elements were used to help conduct electricity and connections to a console. Inside the controller is a chip board that may also have gold plating and elements. The gold elements can be found in all types of wired controllers including classic systems like the NES and Nintendo 64. When cashing in these controllers for gold, it's a good ideal to bundle multiple controllers together. This will make it easier to get paid for all the gold elements. A gold recycling company will remove the plastic and melt down the parts to retrieve the gold.


One of the biggest sources of gold found in old video games is the console. Thanks to backwards compatibility and digital downloads, the actual console isn't needed to still enjoy classic games. These consoles can take up a lot of space, but recycling for them for gold can give you plenty of money to put towards a new game. Inside of the console is a circuit board that contains small amounts of gold elements. To make the process easier, you can take apart your consoles and remove the main motherboard. Most consoles can be taken apart with a basic screwdriver set. If you do not know how to take apart the console, then bring it to a gold recycling business to complete the process for you.

Game Cartridges

No one may want to purchase your NES copy of Hudson Hawk, but the gold inside of the game can help you make a little extra money. Even though a game may be bad or unplayable now, the gold inside does not change. Gold is gold, and the material has been used for years to help create gaming cartridges for systems like Atari, Super Nintendo, and the Nintendo 64. Even portable gaming consoles like the Game Boy used cartridges with small amounts of gold in it. A single game won't have too much gold in it, so it's a good idea to bundle these items together when trying to build up some extra cash. The cartridge itself is all you need. You can properly recycle any extras like game cases or manuals.

Arcade Machines

Full cabinet arcades offer nostalgia and great gaming options, but they may not get as much use as a regular console. If you own a classic arcade cabinet that is not used or broken, then you can take elements from the inside and cash them at a gold recycling center. The main controller board for the cabinet will likely contain amounts of gold on it. Arcades with joysticks and push buttons may also contain a number of different gold pieces. This includes gold plating used for the wiring to the joysticks and various buttons. Breaking down the cabinet into smaller pieces is the best way to handle parts and bring it to a business.

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11 July 2016

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